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How do you want to view the world?

At Optique Unique we aspire to bring you the most aesthetically appealing and thought provoking eyewear to our patrons. Eyewear is an integral part of our daily lives and we would love to assist you in enhancing your lifestyle. We continually search for best materials, colors and styles in our frame selection. Our lens availability allows us to listen to your needs so we may custom design eyewear for any application you can imagine.

What is the most underrated cosmetic enhancement? Eyeglasses.

Optique Unique is the most innovative and stylish eyeglass store around. Located in Metuchen NJ, we have the over 3000 designer adult and children's frame to choose from. We only use the best lenses and hand make our glasses on site. Exceptional Customer Service is what we strive for.

Your next pair, will be your Best pair, EVER!

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They are the fantastic !  Optique Unique is by far best eye glass store I have ever experienced.  The customer service is impeccable, they are all very friendly and, equally important, they are all very experienced and knowledgeable !  For example, when I went to the store the first time they helped me choose a frame for my 3 year old daughter that looked great on her and it has lasted her till now, 4 years later.  This translated to a great deal of savings for me because for the last 4 years, all I did is buy only new lenses as needed.  Also, when I couple of times I had to consult them on minor issues, i.e., one of the parts of the bridge broke, they replaced in as soon as I walked in and free of charge!  Also, they have a great play area and my kids never want to leave the store because they are having so much fun with all the toys.  The rest of the store is beautiful and has a great selection of frames and lenses made with the latest and best technology available.  I love the store, the service, the products and the people!  I highly recommend Optique Unique !

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Got 2 pairs of my glasses' frames perfectly fixed  quickly without any purchase. The best glass store and the best people I have seen!


I've know barry for a few years now. we got my daughters swiss flex glasses from there along for me as well. There so great! I also purchased my first and second set of Oakley there. They offer great and personal service along with public service and military friendly discount. This is why we support their business!


This is such a great optical shop for kids! My son is 2, and they had such a great selection of glasses for him, and so many toys for him to play with, which made the process so much easier. I highly recommend this store!

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